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Dora Lewis


Atlanta Latest Hottest Rapper

He has a flow that is unparalleled in this industry.
Listening to his music is an experience.
While being lyrically modern, he emotes nostalgic Atlanta hip-hop.
Who are we speaking of?
None other than Atlanta native, Superstarpeezy!

He first grabbed the mic after his mother was removed from the home. Kathleen was everything to Peezy, her absence created a void that was filled with music. He quickly rose in the Atlanta hip-hop scene, being mentored by rap legends such as, Shawty Lo. Superstarpeezy created his hip-hop family G.O.G (Grind out Gangstas’) which turned into his record label, Extravagant World Entertainment LLC in 2017. In 2019 “Woah Now” was released and has been doing numbers from the top clubs to strip clubs in the southeast. What do we have to look forward to now? His lyrical biography, “Legendary Never Ordinary”, which dropped this summer and is the perfect depiction of what this artist is.